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    Hi, my name is Aly. I'm a professional wedding and portrait photographer. My professional career as a photographer started out back in 2010 when my sister Beth started a page on fb as a hobby that featured some of her photography work. After having my first child I decided to join her on her quest! My focus turned from full time teacher to full time Mom and part time photographer. After receiving many referrals and requests for family and wedding photos, we ventured into a business started off being "just for fun" to part time job. I love that every business has a story, just like every wedding has a story. I don't think I've shot a wedding where I didn't get teary-eyed. From the vows, to the speeches every wedding is so unique with one common factor: love and commitment. We LOVE serving all of our clients. Although wedding photography is my passion and focus, I also love shooting families, seniors and children from time to time. Enjoy my blog :)

Brian + Lyza {8.17.13}

This beautiful and fun-loving couple was married August 17 in downtown Denver, Colorado. I loved everything about this wedding, the details, the colors, the location, but what I loved most was the love and companionship between Brian & Lyza. The love, laughter and fun is so evident in these photos. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I do. Their wedding day story is told so well through these photos.
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The Johnson family

I have to say, I’m a bit biased towards this family. They are beautiful and I’m happy to call them family 🙂 Clifton & Elisia are my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law and their two beautiful children Eliana & Caleb, are my niece and nephew. This session was extra special to me and I’m sure to them for a couple of reasons.

Their son Caleb was born In April, he was also born with a heart defect. Caleb was born with AV channel defect, which basically means he was born with hole in his heart. Right away they knew he would need heart surgery, and soon. This is no minor procedure, they knew they couldn’t wait too long but long enough for him to be strong enought for the surgery. I can’t imagine the anticipation of his parents. Knowing that their baby would undergo major surgery and the anticipation was the hardest part for them. They needed to wait until Caleb was 6 months old in order for him to operated on. This past October he prepared for surgery. The Doctor monitered him in the hospital for a few days before the surgery took place. I really can’t imagine sitting and waiting for the surgery to take place, I believe Elisia knitted him a blanket to pass the time and to keep her mind off the surgery. The surgery finally took place and everything went smooth. Through prayer and the Doctor’s hands Caleb’s heart is healed and I don’t believe they anticipate Caleb needing anymore surgery’s in the future.

This little boy is a fighter and his family is strong. I love that I get to be part of this family and watch them grow together. Clifton & Elisia are loving parents who love their children dearly. Please scroll through the pictures, you will see the beauty and the love they possess through these images.


Night of Stars Gala | Adoption Dreams Come True |


A couple of weeks ago on October 25, I was invited to be part of an event.  Night of Stars Gala for Adoption Dreams Come True in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This event was a fundraiser event that helps the organization with funding that goes towards different parts of their organization.  Adoption Dreams Come True offers counseling for woman, diapers and clothing for children and much more.


My role at the Gala was to take photos of the guests at the event.  The photo you see here is of Shannon and I.  Shannon helped me out at the photo booth, taking names and emails.  She was one of many volunteers that night.  To find out more about Adoption Dreams Come True visit their website: http://adoptiondreams.org   They are making adoption real in the lives of so many families and helping families around the community.

I had a great time at the Gala.  I witnessed so much generosity from the people who attended.  Businesses from around Colorado donated items and services to this fundraising event.

 Also at the Gala that night volunteering their time and talent was:

 Todd Harding, local DJ and radio personality from K99

Don Martin-Auctioneer

Jennifer Lauren-Band

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