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    Hi, my name is Aly. I'm a professional wedding and portrait photographer. My professional career as a photographer started out back in 2010 when my sister Beth started a page on fb as a hobby that featured some of her photography work. After having my first child I decided to join her on her quest! My focus turned from full time teacher to full time Mom and part time photographer. After receiving many referrals and requests for family and wedding photos, we ventured into a business started off being "just for fun" to part time job. I love that every business has a story, just like every wedding has a story. I don't think I've shot a wedding where I didn't get teary-eyed. From the vows, to the speeches every wedding is so unique with one common factor: love and commitment. We LOVE serving all of our clients. Although wedding photography is my passion and focus, I also love shooting families, seniors and children from time to time. Enjoy my blog :)



Once in a while a friendship comes along that is so special that you know God had to have had His hands in it.  Heather & Jenny have just that friendship.  It all started when they were TWO at St. Paul Daycare, and do they have stories to tell even about way back then!  When with them you understand why they ‘click’.  They both have a zest for life and are super talented individuals.  Heather has an amazing singing voice and has had great success in pageants over the years and Jenny is so fun & such an extremely driven person.

Not only are they both very special people, but they also have some very precious people in their lives as well!  Heather has a beautiful 2 year old little girl.  She is so sweet and is so blessed to have such a wonderful Mommy 🙂  And, Heather is so blessed to have such a precious baby girl!  God has some special things planned for these two!  And, Jenny just recently married the love of her life and a man who seems to be perfectly suited for her!  We had the opportunity to take pictures of her special day as well!

notice the sucker on Heather’s boot!  Sometimes we have to bribe little ones with a special treat!  ha.  And, this is what happens when you have no where else to put it – Mom’s are so creative! 😉

I know I’ve said it before, but I love moments like this!  Moments that are innocent but so fun to capture!  Something so simple as a little girl examining her Mommy’s earring can make such a special picture.  It’s like when you’re little and you’re watching your mom get dressed for a special occasion, putting on her jewelry and perfume, creating beauty – it’s so magical when you’re young..

The Ones Family

I recently had the opportunity to take pictures of a very old friend and her family.  Jessi and I have known each other since we were  little.  We grew up in church together and her mom was monumental in me completing an intense program at church which involved reading the entire Bible.  Now some people do this every year, but when you’re in elementary school this is quite the feat 😉

This was such a fun shoot and I loved the pictures that came from it.  I think they represent the sweet, laid back nature this family represents… What I love about taking photos is finding those moments in a shoot where the lighting is perfect, the background is exactly how you imagine and everything comes to life unexpectedly.  These moments cannot be created they have to come from being present in the moment, not being so planned out that you miss it.  It’s having a conversation with the people that you’re photographing but still being aware for possible moments to capture.  The first picture in this post captures one of those moments perfectly. .Also, isn’t my friend beautiful?

Be Blessed,


Nicki | 2013 Graduate |

Nicki is another 2013 Graduate.  She’s an amazing gymnast and as you can see is a beauty.  Congratulations to you Nicki!

November 17, 2013 - 4:43 am

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