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9/11 {Leadville firefighters & CrossFit 10-2}

On September 11, 2001 tragedy struck the United States. Evil seeped into this Country and tragically took the lives of many many people. I’m saddened to know that a Mother lost a Son, a Wife lost her Husband, a Child lost a Father. I often wonder how such evil can exist, but it does and it always will. Although such tragedies like this happen and will continue to happen I’m happy to also know that kindness and goodness still exist. There are courageous men and women who are all around us to help us and encourage us and who would risk their lives for yours.
This past Friday as we remembered 9/11 the Firefighters, members of the community and CrossFit 10-2 came together to honor those individuals who courageously risked and gave thier lives on that tragic day. I’m so honored to be part of a community that comes together to remember those who gave their lives. I watched and participated as many people came to walk/run the stairs at a local high school. They climbed the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs. Many were dressed in complete firefighter gear as they walked the stairs honoring those firefighters who so courageously gave their lives.
Thank you Leadville, CO firefighters for all you do.


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