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Beauty Inspired FREE photoshoot..

*Aly took a picture of flowers she picked at our Grandma’s house in front of a fence and I loved it. I think it’s appropriate for this post 🙂

What’s your definition of beauty?

Here at BIO, beauty is what we are built around. In fact, BIO stands for Beauty in the Ordinary – a phrase I (Beth) coined a long time ago when thinking of ‘ordinary’ things such as the sky, deep breaths, a cool breeze, etc. These things are so everyday that we take them for granted but when thought about I consider so beautiful and peaceful. Like how the sky can be all sorts of different shades of blue (something I came to love while playing softball in college, laying there stretching and finding something peaceful and beautiful in the midst of a grueling practice) Or a deep breath when feeling stressed or to remember a moment, and a cool breeze that comes just at the right moment and leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. I know, a little cheesy and most people that know me would mock me a little right now bc they know the doodle journals that I’ve kept over the years that have these words scattered through them in the most creative ways I could come up with, and how when I talk about them I go to a slightly dramatic, ‘deep’ place 😉 I love words and I love finding beauty. And, here at BIO we love finding the beauty in each person we photograph. Everyone is so different, but contain a special uniqueness that is God given and inspired. Even as I write this I am tearing up a little bc I feel so strongly about it! haha, Aly would laugh at me and call me a nerd (I’m just slightly sensitive) 😉 .. ANYWAY, we want to hear from YOU, well Seniors in high school actually 😉 We want you to write us with what your definition of beauty is. It can be in whatever form you choose – poem, thoughts, stories, what inspires you  – ANYTHING! We will read them all and pick one person to win a free senior session! Yes, a free photo shoot!  Email them ( or facebook message your entry to us ( )

Entries must be received by Sunday August 25th!  

*winner must use this shoot by October 1st and it must be used for a senior session only

Check out some of our previous seniors!

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