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Real life Superhero

My son Noah is quite possibly the sweetest boy on the planet.  He’s ornery and stubborn as heck but when it comes to caring for his sister’s and his Mom, he becomes this tender-hearted love bug.


Today he wanted to help get his little sister Zion down for a nap, so they went into his room and he began prepping his room for a nap.  After a few minutes, I went to check on them and he had made her (and him) a cozy bed on the floor with all the special things.  He made sure to include lots of pillows and blankets and even included their favorite monkey, Rocky. Oh, and of course a superhero toy.  I mean what little boy doesn’t include a superhero?!


I’m pretty sure he’s Zion’s superhero and mine for that matter.  Seeing him grow up and care for his sister’s and others around him is an amazing encounter.  Kids matter, and they are a blessing.


Do you have a special superhero?  Someone you look to and see that they are impacting this world?


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