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Sierrah {Senior Shoot}

I like to call this one – ‘The One Where I Almost Died’

I say it jokingly, but I seriously felt like I might!  These were taken at Bishop’s Castle in San Isabel, CO.  Mr. Bishop (not sure his first name) has been building this castle since even before I was born.  He’s done it all himself which is quite the accomplishment.  However, it’s not regulated in any way.  There have been no building codes checked and when you enter you are supposed to sign something saying basically he can not be held responsible for death or damage to your person in any way.  If you go to the top there are no railings and nothing holding you in – one wrong step or stumble and it would be so easy to fall!  Also, everything kind of shakes – super scary!!

So, when Sierrah said she wanted one in the ‘globe’, I shivered a little thinking about it.  BUT, I wanted to make her senior photos special so I made the trek up to the top and watched every step I took!  As you can see below in the picture, we were even with the tower you see in the picture on the left! Definitely a nail biter, but made for an interesting photo 🙂

 Sierrah is the kind of teenager who knows who she is and knows what she wants.  She is full of confidence and spunk.  I really like that about her.

 She was also up for anything!  This window is pretty small and when I asked if she thought she could fit she didn’t hesitate to try – I love how it turned out – definitely unique!  I really hate doing the same old picture 😉

I think this picture shows Sierrah to the max!  This photo was actually her idea.  We had been at photos for a while and were heading back to the cars to leave.   She asked if I thought it would be a cool pic’ and I for sure did.  there were cars on the side that I took out in photoshop – the end result is perfect.  She also wanted to show off her new tattoo a little 😉

Thanks Sierrah and Melissa (Sierrah’s mom) for such a fun shoot!  I had fun and conquered a fear – ha!

Good luck this year!

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