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I recently had the opportunity to take pictures of a very old friend and her family.  Jessi and I have known each other since we were  little.  We grew up in church together and her mom was monumental in me completing an intense program at church which involved reading the entire Bible.  Now some people do this every year, but when you’re in elementary school this is quite the feat 😉

This was such a fun shoot and I loved the pictures that came from it.  I think they represent the sweet, laid back nature this family represents… What I love about taking photos is finding those moments in a shoot where the lighting is perfect, the background is exactly how you imagine and everything comes to life unexpectedly.  These moments cannot be created they have to come from being present in the moment, not being so planned out that you miss it.  It’s having a conversation with the people that you’re photographing but still being aware for possible moments to capture.  The first picture in this post captures one of those moments perfectly. .Also, isn’t my friend beautiful?

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